Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Interview - Preliminary Task AS Media Video - Overview


Environment - We established our environment by including shots that show of the surroundings that we were in. Two examples of this were long shots and panning shot.

Info - We gave the audience information by the way they were dressed and also how they answered some questions and how they reacted to them questions that were asked.

Shots - Shots change throughout the whole films, they change with the characters to make the film look more dramatic and interesting.

Critical Points - The critical points within the film are when the main actors stair at each other for one chair, and when they are about to walk onto the office to go into the meeting. The reason to why we changed the camera shots is because we didn't want the audience to get confused who was speaking and who was speaking to who.

Movement - The characters moved fluently at the beginning to the interview and going away from the interview, the cameras movement were smooth when we was doing panning shots.

Relationship - The relationship between the 2 main characters is strong, even though they had a little fight for the chair they show they care for each other by sticking up for each other during the interview and also the hug at the end of the film.

Point of View - The point of view changed throughout the whole film.

Eye lines - They done this when they were speaking to one another throughout the interview.

The Interview - Preliminary Task AS Media Video - Props

This is a picture of the bin that we used in the film for Louis to sit down on. We didn't actually ask Louis to do this he done it himself so it was a good part added to the film. Also it shows that the character that Louis is playing is foolish and also stupid.

Monday, 10 December 2012

The Interview - Preliminary Task AS Media Video - Storyboard


The Interview - Preliminary Task AS Media Video - Props and Costumes

Props and Costumes

This is the other main character in the film. Michael. He was wearing formal clothes in the film, but in this picture he isn't got the coat on that he was wearing.

This is the coat that Michael wore. It shows that he wore it inside out this was to show that he is childish and stupid.

This is the hat that Michael used in the film. We told him to keep the hat on as it converses with his outfit and shows that he is stupid wearing it to an interview.

This is one of the main characters. Louis. This shows what he was wearing in the film, it give you a better perspective view of what he wore. He wore the suitable clothing for this as its an interview so you need to look smart. He used the jacket but it was inside out from what it is now.

The Interview - Preliminary Task AS Media Video - Film Opening

Film Opening

Location - We were in different locations when filming as the characters were moving/walking into different places within the building leading to the main part of the film which was the office.

Theme - We didn't really have a theme, we just wanted the film to be a comedy, so that it was a laughable experience.

Mood Progressions - At the beginning of the film we don't give away to the audience that it is a comedy, but they could probably tell as both the main characters have got there jackets and coats the wrong way round, this shows stupidity to the audience. As the film goes on you can start to see what  we do and we make the film more sillier. 

Props - We supplied the props ourselves except from the room, tables and chairs. The room was quite big so we used up as much as we could using chairs, tables, bins and our own props such as iPads, iPhones and paper. We supplied our own clothes in the film.

Statements - The film gives a different view from the beginning to the end, at points there was a increasing amount of foolishness as it keeps going along.

Lighting - We used some natural lighting for some scenes as natural lighting looked better in specific parts, but we didn't use natural lighting for the actual interview part.

Colour - We didn't use any specific colour needs in the film, we didn't really see that as a big issue.

Belongings - The interviewer (Joel Narroway) was the only one out of the characters to have all the belongings, he had the ipads, iphones and paper on his desk next to him. We done this because we wanted the scene to look like they was in a proper office and it also makes it more professional.

Clothes - We didn't have to use anyone else's clothes, we used our own. Two wore full suits and the other wore suit trousers with a coat. The two interviewees wore there jackets inside out, this shows stupidity towards the audience and interviewer.

The Interview - Preliminary Task AS Media Video - Filming Locations

Filming Locations

This is the room that we used to shot the interview in. As you can see without the lights turned on the lighting is very poor, but when we turned the lights on it made a massive difference but there was still some shades of dark on the camera. The room was hardly used so we could use it any time we wanted to film. This picture shows what the room looked like before we moved any of the tables and chairs around.

This shot shows the same room that we done the interview in but it shows that we have moved it around and changed it with only one chair and two tables. We used this set out of the room as we believed that it looked like an office style room and also it would be easier to film different shots.
We used this to shoot on the opening scene. We used this shot because we wanted for the audience to get a perspective off the characters in the film as the shot was on them for a long time while the character walk towards the camera.

This is where we carried on from the characters walking through the door from the corridor. We used a panning shot ti film this bit as it showed where the characters was going and where they were in the building.
This was leading off from the panning shot, this is where the door is for where the office is, this leads to where there interview is going to be. This was a good shot to use as it was a steady shot, we got to see the characters more and also the lighting of this shot is very good as it didn't darken the camera shot so you could see everything that was happening.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Interview - Preliminary Task AS Media Video - Inspiration three


These are pictures from Step Brothers, the reason to why i picked these is because these are the shots that they are getting interviewed so this gives us a example of what we are going to base it on and how were going to plan it.

The Interview - Preliminary Task AS Media Video - Inspiration two


The Interview - Preliminary Task AS Media Video - Inspiration


The Interview - Preliminary Task AS Media Video - Inspiration for our film


Our Inspuration was to do a comedy like Step Brothers, the reason to why we wanted to do a film based on this was because it was funny and exciting.

The Interview - Preliminary Task AS Media Video - Outlining roles and Responsibilities

Outlining roles and Responsibilities

We all took part when filming and editing the film. The responsibilities were shared, my responsibility for the group was filming the shots, I did not take part in the acting along with Daisy and Jamie, who were in the group. We all took turns shooting, it was easy as we had 2 cameras so we could share and change all the time.
The actors that were in the film was people from our sixth form,
Michael Mendes de costa (one with the cap) played one of the two interviewees as so did Louis Sawyer who played the other interviewee, as with Joel Narroway played the interviewer.
We found it hard to film sometimes as they would get the words wrong so we would have to film the same part all over again, also they didnt take it seriously sometimes so they was hard to handle.

The Interview - Preliminary Task AS Media Video - Shooting Schedule

Shooting Schedule

We filmed the shots in our school. We decided that we wanted to go for a interview type theme so we decided that we should go use an empty classroom to film most of our shots. It took a while to film as we had to wait for the people who was in our film to come out of there lessons so we could finish. The other shots we filmed in the corriadoor near the hall, where we used the doors to film our first scenes. We started filming on the Monday 5th November 2012 and then finished completeing the filiming on the Friday 9th November 2012.