Saturday, 20 July 2013

Preliminary Task 2 - Music Video Remake - Health and Safety

Health and safety

Must of us were first aid qualified due to doing a course a few months ago so we have the qualifications to help someone if they were to hurt themselves but no one did at the end so it was all good.
As you can see in the picture this is the chair we was using for Michael to sit on

As we was only dancing and not doing anything silly or dangerous there weren't a lot of dangers that were around, except from Michael (Bruno Mars) using the chair I could only see that was the only danger which was minor. 

Again the location we was filming at was Jamie's house (my partner). The only problem with doing our filming in his house was that we was limited to space so we had to try and use as much of it as possible meaning when we were dancing we was slightly cramped together but we made it work and done a great piece of work. 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Preliminary Task 2 - Music Video Remake - Reason why we choose this song

The whole point in doing this product is to re-create a popular music video. Me and Jamie have decided to re-create Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song. the reason to why we wanted and chose to do this was because it looked good to do, it also looked fun to re-do. It would also be easy filming it as we didn't have to change the camera position and also didn't have to change the angles of the shots so this means we will have the option to either do it in one whole shot or split it into two half's as in the official video Bruno Mars covers the camera half way in the song so that's an opportunity to cut there and then learn the rest of the video.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Preliminary Task 2 - Music Video Remake - Costumes

Checkered Shirt
Black Retro 80'S Aviator Unisex Wayfarer Sunglasses

The clothing most suitable to go with this music video would be a checkered shirt, with jeans and the people that are being the monkeys in the film will have to wear masks and also everyone in the filming even the women (George) and Bruno mars (Michael) have to wear glasses. Wearing all this gives our product a sense of realism, because this is what they wear in the music video originally.
Picture from -

Monkey Mask

Both the monkey mask and glasses both looked similar to the props that are used in the official music video.

First we have me, I am one of the 5 monkey so I'm wearing a monkey mask with glasses with a black, white and red checkered shirt and also denim jeans, second in from the left. The only things that were provided to me was the monkey mask and the glasses the rest of the clothing is mine.

Secondly we have monkey number 2 which is Jamie, far right. As you can see Jamie is also wearing a checkered shirt with jeans and with a monkey mask and glasses. Again the only thing that was provided to Jamie was the monkey mask and glasses.

Thirdly we have number 3 monkey which is Liam, far left. He is wearing a checkered shirt with some jeans and shoes, he provided all of the clothing himself but the monkey mask and glasses he does not own.

Here is another monkey of ours, his name is Jae, he is the second in from the right, next to Michael (Bruno Mars). As you can see he is wearing the monkey mask with glasses and also with a black t-shirt and dark jeans.

At the back, in the middle we have Conor, he is wearing a red polo with light blue jeans, with no shoes and the monkey mask and glasses.

We have George who is the LadyMan in the film, he is second from the right in the back row, he was wearing a dressing gown, with glasses and a hat as that what the one in the music video was wearing.

Lastly we have Michael, knelling down at the front, he is the singer Bruno Mars and he is wearing a red, blue and green checkered shirt with dark jeans, he is also wearing glasses which is a prop we have to use in the music video. 

We decided at the end that the people who didn't have a checkered shirt could wear some alternative clothing that was suitable so some of the people in our music video wore t-shirts but it didn't make it look any different or any poorer.