Friday, 27 September 2013

A2 Music Video - Copyright Letter to ELEMENT

Copyright Letter

Here is a screenshot showing that i have sent a email to the producers of the song Madcon - Beggin'. I am waiting for a response from the producing company ELEMENT. They will be saying whether we are allowed to use the song or not in our music video.

Monday, 23 September 2013

A2 Music Video - Choosing our song

Choosing our song

It was hard to pick a song, so we decided to talk about ideas (Me and Jamie) of what sort of music we can use, so we wrote them down and we then narrowed them down and had to pick between 3 songs which were:

Macdon - Beggin'

The first idea for this song was there are going to be one or two homeless people who dance for money, so begging. Then one day while thier dancing a proper dance crew copme across them/him/her, then they decided that they want them to be in thier crew with them. The homeless person/people get into the crew succesfully and then are not homless anymore. I guess the message for this particular video is that if you have a dream you should never give up, you should keep chasing it till you got it.

Macdon - Beggin'

The second idea for this song was that there is a person that has got him/herself into trouble with the wrong people and there wanted by the people who are chasing him/her. There are several different people chasing him/her for the same reason as there all part of the same group, it turns into a free running chase quickly and the person gets caught and then starts begging for them not to hurt him/her.

Lanal Del Ray (Cedric Gerval Remiz)

The idea for this song was that a boy or girl is looking through old pictures and then she comes across a picture that had her/his ex girlfriend/boyfriend and then the image would turn into a video and it would bring bad sad memorys from the summer.