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The Run - Film Opening - Health and Safety

Health and Safety

With health and safety we didn't have anyone there that was qualified in first aid, even though there was 6 of us there we didn't have any equipment if someone was to fall or hurt themselves.

As it was only simple free-running we didn't feel that there was much caution there anyways as we were taking it seriously when filming so they wouldn't muck about and do stupid things.

The location at where we was filming at was Elephant and Castle, it is now a banded flats, the problem with that is it may be hard for the police or ambulance to find us in as some of it may of been blocked off, also we didn't know who was living there so anyone could have came out and hurt us but we were fine on the day with no problems or injuries.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Looking back at your preliminary task (Interview) what did you feel you have learn’t in the progression from it to the full product?

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

The Run - Film Opening - Final Video

Final Video

The Run - Film Opening - Storyboard


What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?


Who would be the audience for your media product?

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

The Run - Film Opening - Who would be the audience for your media product?

The Run - Film Opening - Script


At last, after 7 years of experimenting, 3000 different possibilities, finally I have come to the conclusion

I have come together, the perfect conclusion for this performance enhancing drug

This drug will be wanted, I will have to be extra careful

This drug will need to be transported to the other side of London for its safety

I need to hire a professional.
*Scientist then rings the professional (Jamie*
*Phone rings*
*Professional (Jamie) answer*


I have a job for you.

The Run - Film Opening - Overview


Theme - Our theme was to have a finished product that features action and to have a chase scene in our product.

Mood Progression - At the beginning of the product where the scientist part was, it was dark and mysterious. We also built tension up about it, we made the audience want to watch more. Straight after the scientist part the free-running started which jumped straight into the action causing even more tension as Jamie was getting chased by 3 people.

Location - We filmed in Elephant and Castle which was a few flats. The location was urban and was a good location for filming here. There will be another location where the scientist is filmed, it will be in a dark location to build tension.

Statement - We aren't trying to give any statement with the scenes we have towards the audience. We wanted to make the viewer see more by creating tension in the creating scenes where the scientist part will be filmed.

Lighting - we are hoping to use natural lighting. Most of the film product will be outside in the daytime so unless its raining it will be natural lighting. Also for the scientist part we want to make it dark but with some lighting so the audience can still see what's happening.

Props - We have several props that we are going to use which are a lab coat, science glasses, lab equipment and also a backpack that Jamie will be using. The scientist will be wearing the lab coat and glasses while making the drug with the lab equipment this will help give the audience a sense of what he is doing.

Belongings - We had our own personal belongings every prop was ours except the lab equipment. We had to borrow the lab equipment from our school as they allowed us to use it but will only a teacher in the room to supervise up. All the clothes we used in the film were ours, even the lab coat was provided by us, this is great for our video as it gives the video a so real feeling to it. The backpack will be carried by Jamie, he is the one that is getting chased because he has the drug in his bag.

Clothing - The free-runners will all be wearing tracksuit bottoms with a jumper or hoody. As the scientist will be wearing a lab coat with glasses and some dark coloured trousers and shoes

Colour - We had no particular colours in our video, we only decided that we want a dark coloured theme in the first part for the scientist. The rest will be natural lighting.

The Run - Film Opening - Costume


The costumes that the all the actors wore were all there own clothes. We did not have to provide any clothing, this was great because it meant we didn't have to waste time getting dressed at the filming location.. As we was free-running on the day these outfits were ideal for them and the film. A lot of free-runners wear these sorts of clothing anyways when they free-run in there free time.
Here are what the actors wore on the day:

First we have our mad scientist, Michael. As you can see he has a coat lab with glasses with black trousers and shoes. This dress sense for a mad scientist is good because this is usually what scientists wear in there laboratory. We only provided Michael with two things which were the glasses and the lab coat, the rest was his own clothes so again we didn't have to waste time there getting dressed and undressed etc.

Secondly we have the runner, which is Jamie. As you can see Jamie is wearing tracksuit bottom with a jumper and a backpack. This is what free-runners usually wear as tracksuit bottoms are stretchy so they don't get caught when doing jump's etc. Jamie provided his own clothes and backpack so again he didn't waste no time and also didn't have to spend any money.

Thirdly we have Rus. He is one of the three chasers. Again Rus is wearing tracksuit bottoms with a jumper. This is the usual way he dresses when he goes to free-run, the reason to why they wear these sorts of clothes is because there comfortable. Again he provided his own clothing.

Fourthly we have Liam, he is the second out of the three chasers. He had his own clothing and this is how he dresses when he goes to free-run. There easy and comfortable clothing when going free-running in and also they are the easiest clothing to run in when your free-running.

Last but not least we have Louis. He is the last out of the chasers. Louis is wearing a maroon coloured jumper with tracksuit bottoms. We didn't have to provide Louis with any clothing, this is how he goes when he goes free-running. Again its easy to run in.

The Run - Film Opening - Location



This is where we filmed the opening scene, which is the part where the scientist (Michael) is creating the drug and he is also speaking. It was filmed in Cheshunt School, in the science department.

This is Elephant and Castle, this is where we filmed most of our media product. This is where Jamie gets chased through by 3 other people.

The Run - Film Opening - TESTWORK Productions